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with the Broadway sinfonietta

"hand in hand"

BroadwayWorld Cabaret Award Winner!

Best Commercial Album

Read about the album in the HuffPost here.


"The perfect Fannie Brice for our time, Ms. Benko may have had a secret weapon: the collaboration with her husband, the jazz pianist and composer Jason Yeager... They make us realize what an incredible song [People] actually is. Ms. Benko sings it like she truly is a person who needs people — or 'one very special person,' at the very least."                                  

                               -The New York Sun

"Benko is an utterly charismatic performer and seemingly fearless.... With Yeager, she digs into standards, theater and originals on the release and each track reveals something different. And the album version of “People,” with its subtle Latin underpinning, is very different again from what you’ll hear at the August Wilson this month."

                               -New York City Jazz Record

"You have to hand it to the Hand in Hand duo who not only do all the duties themselves and sound comfortable in all styles and periods, but are equally convincing in all attitudes and characterizations... Close your eyes and the drapes and all seems right with the world."                                   

                               -Talkin' Broadway


"Tracks... are completely reinterpreted with a joyful and jazz-inspired glee that is as relaxed as it is refreshing... The result is a beguiling record, perfect to while away these late summer evenings."                                                   -There Ought To Be Clowns

"Introducing Julie Benko"

Read more about the album here.

"Brimming with a fresh creativity and youthful vitality, Introducing Julie Benko indeed introduces us to something... and someone special."

                                                                                                -All About Jazz

"Julie Benko has a sweet gypsy flair to her voice, and uses it well on this flexible release which features her own material and some clever covers...  She’s got a nimble delivery with lyrics... disarmingly intimate and... cozy by the fireplace. Creative and swinging." 

                                                                                               -Jazz Weekly

"11 standout performances on her recently released debut... The album contains several surprising turns, not the least of which is Benko's gifted songwriting on three originals."

                                                                                              -New York City Jazz Record

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