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CONCERT appearances   

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"Ms. Benko shines even more brightly playing herself on the cabaret stage, where she can... fully flex and show off her considerable vocal abilities and innate sense of musicality. The singing actress is a natural jazz singer, and it was a pleasure to hear her let loose... Throughout, Ms. Benko’s instrument — which is capable of both sweetness and sass — was controlled yet pliable, and wielded with great intelligence and finesse... Ms. Benko’s rapport with the audience was a great treat. Over the course of the evening, her banter was cool and engaging, and her occasional off-the-cuff comic remarks would have made Fanny Brice proud."

-The Hangover Report

"As she demonstrates amply, she is a master at the cabaret genre." 

-Showbiz 411

“Seeing Jason and Julie live and in person provides context that listeners won't get just from the album. You see, Jason Yeager and Julie Benko are adorable. Revision: they are A DOR ABLE... Both Benko and Yeager are consummate musical artists... It's a genuine pleasure to see them operate in person... The musical performance... was simply marvelous... They have arrived in style, and with success supreme.”
-BroadwayWorld Cabaret

“ Julie Benko is simply enchanting.”
-Theater Pizzazz

“We all fell a bit more in love.”
-Cabaret Scenes

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